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ICS Industrial Combustion Systems was founded in 2007 in Poznan. ICS is an engineering company providing mainly industrial combustion systems, recycling, combustion and flue gas DeNOX systems for stoker-fired boilers and pulverized boilers for different industrial branches, so we offer as follow:

  • combustion systems for the steel and other metallurgical industries,
  • combustion systems for the ceramic industry,
  • combustion systems for the petrochemical industry,
  • treatment systems (combustion, post-combustion) of low-calorie waste gases and post-process gases,
  • combustion process optimization and flue gas NOX reduction systems in power boilers.

Combustion systems supplied by ICS are highly reliable and technologically advanced products based on proven Japanese technology HiTAC (High Temperature Air Combustion) also known as flameless combustion, which is the result of a good and fruitful cooperation between the ICS company and the company NFK (Nippon Furnace Corporation).

Offered by ICS solutions and products are based mostly on modern, low-emission and regeneration HRS burners’ family and high-temperature, low-emission HTB burner’s family. Both of the above types of industrial burners HRS and HTB, are the basis for environmentally friendly combustion systems and improve the quality of the final product.

Offered systems for emissions reduction of harmful gases (mainly NOX and CO) from power boilers are based on Ecotube® modern technology allowing nitric oxides (NOX) reduction from flue gases and meet the new emission limits under the IED 2010/75/EU (Industrial Emissions Directive) and the conclusions of the BAT (Best Available Techniques). Ecotube technology used among other things to reduce NOx and combustion process optimization, it is being developed since 1992 by the Swedish company ECOMB AB (, which the ICS company is the official representative of the Polish market.

In addition, the company ICS provides engineering services from the scope of the detailed 3D design, consulting related to the wider process of combustion, flue gas deNOX system, which is reduction of NOx combined with the optimization of the furnace heat exchange and mass balance and thermal industrial processes. Average annual sales of ICS products and services reaches the level of 10 million polish zlotych.

The base of ICS, as a small-sized engineering company, is well-educated and well–experienced team. The ICS team is mainly based on the engineers, but also on the persons with higher education degree like PhD and Prof. degree too. The size of ICS team consisted of employees and owners is up to 15 persons.

ICS, in order to provide the proven and high-level of industrial combustion technology, cooperates with many companies from different areas as well as with many technical universities.

ICS is typical European company located in Poznan, Poland, almost in the center of Europe, ICS’s owners come from European countries and ICS’s customers are located in the whole Europe.


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